Triflow®320 (TF320)

£ 44.65 (£ 37.21 excl VAT) each

The Triflow®320 (Part Number: TF320) is the “universal” filter cartridge for the Triflow system; it has been designed to accommodate the requirements of the majority of water quality conditions that are likely to be encountered.

The Triflow®320 / AVX02 has a large O ring at the base of the outlet, whereas the Triflow®321 has two small O rings. It is essential that you purchase the correct filter as the Triflow®320  / ACX02 filters are not compatible with newer systems.

For the last 15 years, Triflow Concepts has been supplying Franke with Franke-Triflow filtration systems.
All cartridges for your Franke-Triflow and Triflow Systems are specifically developed & manufactured in Switzerland. Triflow cartridges have also been tested by various major institutions in Europe and the US.

The Triflow®320 Filter Cartridge has the capability to remove:
triflow Pathogenic bacteria
triflow Cysts
triflow Turbidity
triflow Chlorine
triflow Organics
triflow Heavy metals (including lead)
triflow Taste
triflow Odour
triflow Colour
triflow Iodine (including Iodine-131*)

It leaves the essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, unaffected.

Filter Comparison | Filter Testing & Accreditations

*What is Iodine-131?
Iodine-131 is a radioactive isotope of iodine that has been detected in tap water in Tokyo at a level exceeding recommended limits. The head of water purification for the Tokyo water department announced that infants should not drink the water in Tokyo and surrounding areas (25th March 2011). Read Full Story.Triflow filters can remove iodine, including iodine-131 from the water supply.

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