Our Tap Filters

Guide To Our Tap Filters
If you care about what goes into your body, you often take care to eat and consume the right foods. However, how often do you consider the quality of the tap water you drink on a daily basis?

This is something that many are starting to realise and there are numerous filter technology options available. The best, however, is to have a filter directly connected to your taps.

What Are Our Tap Filters?

The filter cartridges we use are exclusively manufactured by Katadyn Inc. Once fitted, the water is filtered by the time it leaves the faucet, so you only ever receive bacteria-free and great-tasting water. Our systems are typically noticeable by their third lever, which is designed to control the filter. Our filter housing system sits neatly underneath the worktop, meaning you don’t need additional space or items to ensure high-quality water.

Over the years we have established a reputation for being a respected supplier of point-of-use filtered water treatment systems due in part to our filter technology. All of our tap water filters are individually tested after production to ensure optimum performance.

The Health Benefits Of Our Tap Filters

Depending on where you live, there can be countless additional chemicals in your tap water, some of which are good for you whilst others are not.

For example, chlorine and other agents are often used as preservatives, while you may also have various chemicals from the cleaning and purification processes used throughout the water network.

Have you ever considered the journey that water takes to make it into your taps? The water is sourced from reservoirs, river and from underground. Before it reaches your home it has already travelled quite a distance, picking up dirt and sediment from rusty pipes along the way. Mains water can also contain certain bacteria which can cause health issues. Triflow's filters are design to capture and remove bacteria from the water before it leaves the kitchen tap.

However, not everything in your water is bad for you; fluoride, calcium and magnesium all have various benefits to the human body. While other products might simply filter out all of these supplements, sophisticated filters from Katadyn Inc do not.

This is why Triflow use the industry’s most effective filters, as the advanced technology only filters out the unwanted elements giving your family healthy and great-tasting drinking water. We recommend that for a family, of four, you change the filter every six months in order to get the maxim benefits.

Does It Improve The Taste Of The Water?

Using a filter greatly improves the taste and removes any possible smells that may come from tap water.

This is because any additives, such as chlorine, can have a distinct smell that even in small quantities is readily noticeable. When removed, filtered water simply tastes, smells and looks clean because it is. Some people are quite amazed by the fresh taste of filtered water.

Why Use Triflow Tap Filters?

While other filtering products require you to pre-load them with water and wait, Triflow’s sophisticated technology works directly when you need it to. This is why these products are practical and efficient.

Furthermore, Triflow products are easy to maintain and replacement parts and spares are readily available. This way, a surprise water issue (such as a burst pipe) won’t ruin your filtering system forever. All it takes is a quick fix to enjoy healthy, safe water once again!