Benefits of Tap water filter

Tap water filters are an increasingly common feature in many homes and can offer plenty of benefits – if you choose the right solution.

Not sure what makes the best filter for tap water? Here, we’ll go over how our filter cartridges can be useful for you, as well as what properties make the best options. This should tell you everything you need to know to make your own choice and experience the highest quality, filtered water straight from the tap.

Tap water can often have a strange taste which could be due to the chlorine present in your water. One of the benefits of filtering your water is that it will enhance the taste and odour, ensuring your water is fresh and healthy with every glass. 

What Are Tap Water Filters?

As the name suggests, they filter water, but what exactly are they filtering out of our regular tap water? Tap water has plenty of chemicals and compounds in it, many are beneficial for your body but it also contains various harmful elements too. A filter helps purify the water, removing these unwanted chemicals and additives. The most effective tap water filters, of course, need to be placed somewhere in the water system, so that the water comes out bacteria-free, streamlining the process as a result.

The Benefits

A high quality tap filter should remove harmful elements while retaining the beneficial elements. An example is the Katadyn filters (found in Triflow products) which remove >99.9% of bacteria from the water. However a high quality tap water filter should also leaves beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium, which are both good at improving your body’s health.

As an added bonus, this also ensures you reduce your reliance on bottled water. Not only is bottled water more expensive, it also harms the environment. The production of bottled water requires lots of plastic, which itself comes from fossil fuels and has numerous environmental issues. So, a filter doesn’t just save you money over time, it also reduces the amount of plastic that your household consumes.

What Makes The Best Filter?

When it comes to home appliances, an ideal filter needs to be small, discrete and highly functional. As such, it should blend elegantly into your existing features, rather than being an entirely new process to use and operate.

The best tap water filter is also one that does its job without drawing attention to itself too much by being compact. All Triflow filters are integrated into a durable filter housing unit which fits neatly below the sink. In most cases the filtered water is controlled by a separate third lever or tap handle. This means you can control the temperature and flow like a normal faucet, using the levers, while a third can control the filter water.

Of course, the filter itself also needs to do its job. As mentioned earlier, a sophisticated tap water filter should consider all of the elements found inside water. This is why a high quality option should eliminate bacteria and other chemical additives, while preserving the beneficial components.

Triflow filter technology makes use of very specific materials, such as silver and activated carbon, for this purpose. The former acts as a very powerful bacterial disinfectant while the latter is superb for absorbing other organic contaminants. Zeolite, likewise, can remove various lead, which are of no benefit when consumed, with a specific effectiveness at eliminating lead.

Triflow use the industry’s most effective filters. Our taps are regularly tested and accredited. If you are interested in fresh filtered water, please visit our Online Shop for our filter cartridges or filter taps