TF1000 – Triflow’s New Limescale Filter

The Triflow TF1000 is our new Limescale filter which we recommend being used either as a dual filter or single filter for systems in hard water areas.

The filter has an activated carbon core, PP cotton outer material and FOF (fabric over foam). 

What is FOF? FOF is based on forty-four years of research and development by French National Scientific Research Centre. Scientists from the Corrosion and Scale Research Centre originally discovered several scale inhibitors and finally synthesized FOF. The new anti-corrosion material is revolutionary technology breakthrough.

The main ingredient of FOF is Organic Salt.

This is a degradable and environmentally friendly material built up of Polyphosphate sodium and Hexametaphosphate sodium.

Using Triflow TF1000 eliminates the need to add a water softener to the system due to the benefits of the FOF within the filter construction.

We advise the TF1000 limescale filter to be changed every 6 months.

This is a requirement with any Hybrid systems to maintain your product warranty.

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