Triflow Filter Tap Systems give you perfectly filtered water in the comfort of your home. For convenience, you can have hot, cold and filtered water through the same tap spout. To complement our expertise with water systems and design, we use advanced quality filters from Swiss company, Katadyn.

Introduction to Katadyn
Award-winning Katadyn Group is a world-leader in water safety products for military, industrial and travel uses. The Swiss-owned group produces outdoor cooking gear, mobile and land-based water desalination systems and specialized disinfection systems. These high-quality products have been used by humanitarian aid organisations and the military for many years. For the past 80 years, Katadyn has also been developing expertise in water-treatment systems.
Katadyn's pioneering designs use a four-stage filtration process. The outer shell of the tap filter is made from micro porous ceramic which filters out pathogenic bacteria and protozoan cysts. The ceramic itself is impregnated with bacteriostatic silver during the manufacturing process –- silver is a bactericide which will prevent the reproduction of bacteria. Within the core of the filter ceramic is activated carbon, to absorb any organic particles. Finally, synthetic zeolite is used to reduce and absorb selected heavy metails present in the water. All of these elements combine for state-of-the-art filter technology.

Triflow Filter Tap Systems
Since 1978, Triflow Concepts has been developing its expertise in point-of-use water filtration systems. We produced the world's first three way kitchen tap that provides hot, cold and filtered water through the same spout without cross-contamination. All our water filter systems use the Katadyn filter cartridges, and our excellent working relationship with the Katadyn Group means we can continue to develop our designs.
Triflow Filter Tap Systems allow you to keep all the important minerals in your water, including magnesium, calcium and fluoride. Filtering your water in this way provides healthy drinking water without the environmental impact and waste that are generated by bottled water. Our filtered water taps also provide a cost-effective alternative to bottled water in the long run. 
You can browse the styles and finishes, including electronic taps, luxury and traditional designs, in our online store. All our filter tap systems are made from high quality materials in the UK at our West Midlands foundry and our ceramics processing site. Our designers' attention to detail means that our filter tap systems are both durable and practical, and they make a stylish feature for your kitchen or work environment. Once you have had your filter water taps fitted you will see how easy it is to have crystal clear, healthy water at home.
We are able to offer a range of innovative designs for you to incorporate state-of-the-art water filtration for cost effective prices. All our filter taps come under warranty for five years from purchase, and it is easy and straightforward to purchase the parts and spares, including replacement filter cartridges. We recommend that you change your Katadyn filter cartridge every six months to ensure your drinking water is fresh with every glass.
Contact us and our dedicated customer service team will be pleased to help with any questions you might have.

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