Reasons Why Say No To Bottled Water - News | Triflow Concepts

It's wasteful
The number of plastic water bottles sent to UK landfill sites each year would fill Wembley stadium twice over. (Source: Which? 2010)

It has a high carbon foot print
According to Thames Water, a litre of mains water creates about 0.0003kg of CO2, around 600 times less than the 0.185kg generated by a litre of Volvic or the 0.172kg produced by the same volume of Evian. (Source: The Guardian, 11/08/2009)

It’s expensive
Thames Water calculates that one litre of water from its taps costs approximately 0.097p. In comparison to a 75cl bottle of Evian at 75p, this makes bottled water in London 1,000 times more expensive than that from the tap. (Source: Thames Water, 2009)

It’s not as healthy as you may think
Bottled water is associated with healthy living, however roughly 40 percent actually begins as tap water; often the only difference is added minerals that have no marked health benefit. (Source: The Earth Policy Institute, 2006)

The alternative to bottled water 
You can now enjoy crystal clear water straight from your tap. The Triflow Concept filter systems deliver water with all the harmful contaminants significantly reduces and important mineral properties retained. All in an instant and with just a fraction of the carbon footprint and cost of bottled water.