Triflow Replacement Filter Cartridge  

Have clean and safe drinking water on tap with advanced tap water filters, exclusively manufactured for Triflow by Katadyn.

The TF160 is a screw fit, solid carbon block filter cartridge. 

The Swiss-made TF160 filter cartridge is extensively and individually tested after production to ensure optimum performance. 
- It has a 1 micron outer surface to remove large particles
- It improves taste and colour
- It reduces heavy materials including lead
- It operates at pressures as low as 0.7 bar

£34.68 (inc. VAT)

The Triflow®160 (TF160/TRX160) is a solid carbon block filter.

The filter cartridge does not have the ceramic outer shell found on the Triflow®320/ 321 filters. This means it has a higher capacity to filter out organic substances and is ideal for applications where microbiological quality is not considered to be a threat but high organics, heavy metals or taste and odour problems are foremost.

All Triflow filter cartridges are specifically developed & manufactured in Switzerland to cater for customers with:

  • Specific concerns about heavy metals (e.g. lead).
  • High capacity requirement for chlorine taste & odour reduction.
  • Very low local water supply pressure.
  • Concerns about organic levels causing taste & odour.
  • High suspended solids in local water supply.

The Triflow®160 filter has the capability to remove/reduce:

  • Chlorine
  • Organics
  • Taste
  • Odour
  • Colour
  • Heavy Metals (including lead)

The TF160/TRX160 with its reduced pressure drop, zeolite lead reducing media, greater carbon volume and reduced clogging in turbid water supplies will satisfy the above needs but WITHOUT the bacteriological reduction capability of the TF321/TFE500.

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