Our Back to Tap campaign aims to encourage consumers to forego costly and environmentally harmful bottled water and return to drinking tap water. High consumer demand for bottled water has had a heavy and unnecessary impact on our environment in recent years. Some bottles travel as far as 10,000 miles by plane, ship and lorry before they reach our supermarket shelves, often originating from impoverished areas where ironically the local communities lack access to clean and safe water.

By taking the small and simple step to go Back to Tap , we can all reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to putting a stop to this “environmental madness” (Tony Juniper, Friends of The Earth).

Plastic water bottles take 1000 years to biodegrade, and as they do, they can leach toxic chemicals into the groundwater, thus affecting our future water supplies


To Increase Awareness

Bottled water is an environmental menace. The energy required to produce and transport millions of bottles of this free, natural resource around the world is causing irreparable damage to our planet. This campaign seeks to highlight the negative and unnecessary impact bottled water has on our environment.

To Change Perceptions

Drinking bottled water is no safer for you than drinking tap water. Up to 40% of bottled water comes from the same source as tap water; however, tap water adheres to much stricter regulations. Through the Back to Tap campaign, we aim to change the consumer perception that bottled water is luxurious and lifestyle-enhancing; exposing it as the wasteful and ecologically unsustainable product it really is.

To Encourage a Change in Behaviour

Through informing and educating consumers about the negative environmental and financial effects of drinking bottled water, this campaign seeks to persuade consumers to choose tap water over bottled wherever possible.

If you want to go Back to Tap Join our campaign and receive a complimentary Triflask.

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Why Say No To Bottled Water

Triflow Concepts are encouraging everyone to join the Back to Ta campaign. It seems such an easy choice: tap water is cheaper and often cleaner. Yet, since bottled water was made to look trendy in the 1980’s, many people have become used to buying it. So many people, that we are now buying more than a million bottles a minute. There are numerous environmental concerns with bottled water: Single-use plastic bottles cannot be broken down and stay on earth and in our oceans for hundreds of years, where they get eaten by fish and end up on our plates. The production of bottled water consumes energy, pollutes the environment, and contributes to global warming.

Producing plastic bottles uses a lot of energy and emits toxic chemicals which cycle back to pollute our drinking water. Transporting bottled water thousands of kilometres across the earth releases dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, hindering our efforts to combat climate change. Besides the negative impact on the environment, the bottling of water also has social implications such as local inaccessibility to water. According to the WHO 2.1 billion people lack access to safe, readily available water at home. In commodifying water, bottling corporations limit access for locals to an essential resource that should always be public.

Although many local water authorities put in extreme effort and expense to produce water that is fit for human consumption, they can unfortunately not guarantee the condition of the pipes that deliver the water to the end user. In many locations these old pipes harbour contaminants which are released into our water. With a Triflow tap you can ensure your tap water is always of the highest standard. Going back to tap is a simple and effective way to consume clean water as well as as reduce our carbon footprint and return to a more ethical use of our earth’s precious resource.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to think of our future, it is time to go  Back to Tap.



Water is vital for life, and ensuring that you get an adequate daily intake is important for everyday health and well-being. Approximately 5 pints of water enter the stomach every day in the form of drinks and food. Of that 4 pints pass into the bloodstream through the small intestine. That is 80% of the water we consume being retained for use in essential body functions. In the same way that “you are what you eat,” it is also true that “you are what you drink”. With that in mind, we hope that everyone will do the right thing and choose filtered water.


Did you know that 71% of the world’s surface is water? So there must be more than enough to go around, right? Well, the real answer is no. Seawater is brackish and too high in solids to be consumed. Only 2% of the world’s water is fresh. Half of that is under ice caps. That leaves us with just 1% to meet the drinking needs of a growing world population. Although bottled water might seem the obvious answer, when you take into account the fact that 3 litres of water are required to produce one litre of bottled water, reaching for the bottle seems to make much less sense. To put that into perspective, 200 billion litres of bottled water are being consumed every year. This brings us to the important question about how we should treat this valuable resource. Is water a commodity to be put on the open market for sale like running shoes and soft drinks? Or is it a human right that belongs to everyone as part of our collective human heritage?


In 1992 Triflow introduced an advanced point-of-use water filtration system to meet a vital need – fresh, filtered water at the turn of your tap. At Triflow Concepts, we are proud of the ideology behind our products, so in 2010 we launched the Back to Tap campaign. The aim has been to encourage consumers to stop buying bottled water and return to drinking refined tap water as a healthier and, at 3p a litre, more economical alternative.

Commercial and Social benefits

Why Triflow Concepts?

Water is vital for life, and ensuring that you get an adequate daily intake is important for everyday health and well-being. We take in approximately 2 litres of water per person every day.

Choosing the right filtered water tap can be challenging as every kitchen has its own character; whether it’s practical, stylish or functional. The Triflow Original Systems tick all of these boxes!

It’s healthy

We are the original designers of the first systems to deliver hot, cold and filtered water through a dedicated waterway in the same spout, without cross-contamination. Combined with the advanced and high-performing ceramic filter tap cartridges, exclusively manufactured for Triflow Concepts by Katadyn, this results in a system that significantly reduces impurities whilst leaving beneficial minerals such as magnesium, calcium and fluoride.

Our patented point of use water treatment systems delivers freshly-filtered drinking water straight from the tap and thereby eliminates the need for bottled water. It’s environmentally friendly

Every year, 200 billion litres of bottled water are consumed globally which generates 1.5 million tons of plastic waste. Plastic bottles can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade, and as they do they can leach toxic chemicals into groundwater. Our point of use filtration systems make it easy and eco-friendly to drink filtered water. You can even take it with you by purchasing one of our BPA Free Triflask ; no chemical leaching, just crystal clear filtered water on the go.

It’s cost effective

Thames Water calculates that one litre of water from its taps costs approximately 0.097p. In comparison to a 75cl bottle of Evian at 75p, this makes bottled water in London 1,000 times more expensive than that from the tap. (Source: Thames Water, 2009). Our systems can cost approximately 3p per litre making it the easy choice over bottled water especially when 25% of bottled water is just filtered tap water.

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