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Triflow Concepts LTD

Triflow Concepts Ltd was founded in 1978, developing the world’s first and patented Filter system with a dedicated waterway.

Since then, Triflow Concepts Ltd has been at the forefront of Filter Technology.

World Leader

Katadyn Group is an award-winning, world leader in water safety products. Using a pioneering 4 stage filtration process guarantees you the highest quality filter water in your home.

All our water filter systems use the Katadyn filter cartridges, and our excellent working relationship with Katadyn Group means we can continue to develop our systems.
Water Housing Filter
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Quality Promise

With all our products, our aim is to provide an outstanding customer experience with design and quality that will enhance you home and your health.

Our range of products will match everyone’s needs, filtered, boiling and O3 water are all included in the Triflow Shop.

Back to Tap Campaign

Triflow Concepts remains committed to protecting our environment and encourage everybody to join our Back to Tap campaign in 2009,Triflow Concepts LTD launched its global ‘Back to tap’ campaign to encourage consumers to stop buying bottled water and return to drinking tap water as a healthy alternative.

By taking the small and simple step to go back to drinking tap water, we can all reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to combating climate change.

Environmental Responsibility

Today, everybody is acutely aware of the impact that industry can have on the environment,  and at our company, we treat this with utmost importance. 

Our policy is to embrace the environmental challenge; we aspire to meet the very highest standards in environmental control.
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Triflow Environmental Responsibility
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